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Our Aims and Objectives

Thank you for your interest in the Wallsend Self Help Group.

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We are no longer accepting any correspondence.

Our PO box is now closed and any mail you send to our old address will not be delivered to the Wallsend Self Help Group. Your mail may be returned to you by the postal service, but it will not be delivered to us.

The Wallsend Self Help Group DO NOT have an email address. Some referral sites do list an old email address for us, but it is not in use. Any emails sent to us at the email address they give WILL NOT BE ANSWERED because the account is closed and will not be re-opened.

If you see any web site which lists any contact details for the Wallsend Self Help Group (i.e. email address, postal address, contact phone number) please notify the site owner that these are no longer valid so that they can update their site.

Finally, we have closed our Amazon Shop and, although the Wallsend Self Help Group no longer has an affiliation with, you can still browse their site for books, etc. by clicking this link:

We apologise for any inconvenience.

The following were the Aims and Objectives of the Wallsend Self Help Group:


To provide a forum where people with similar problems can come together to learn about the thoughts and feelings they may be experiencing.


To offer advice, information and support with a view to improving self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.


To ease the feelings of isolation, which go hand-in-hand with these disorders.


To collect and distribute information.


To promote self-learning, by providing access to a range of educational books, CD's, DVD's and discussion & information sheets on all the relevant issues.


To develop an awareness of the benefits of relaxation, correct breathing techniques, exercise, diet and other strategies such as a change of attitude, positive thinking, problem-solving etc, which have been found to be of real benefit.


To provide links to appropriate self help information and websites so that more people can benefit from their knowledge and advice.


To stimulate interest; encourage, motivate and support people, in their efforts to recover from the distressing and often disabling effects of nervous and emotional disorders.


To ensure that all who seek help from the Group are treated with equality, dignity, respect and acceptance, and to foster an 'air of independence' and give a message to people that there is much that can be done for those who wish to help themselves.


Phobias and Panic Attacks are understandable reactions to too much stress.

"Pull yourself together" or "It's only your nerves" are unacceptable and unhelpful.

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