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Common Depression Symptoms

The commonest and most obvious symptom of depression is sadness. This melancholy is likely to be persistent with a tendency to cry more often, at the slightest upset, or even without an upset at all.

Other common symptoms include:

Loss of Interest.
Depressed people lose interest in most things, even their own favourite pastimes. They don't want to read a newspaper, or watch TV, and they cease to care about their hobbies or their job.

Loss of Energy.
Along with the loss of interest goes a loss of energy. Everything seems like a great effort and too much trouble, even things such as taking care of their personal appearance and hygiene.

Loss of Concentration.
Concentration becomes very difficult and they could read the same line in a book over and over without taking it in. They may also become absent-minded and tend to forget things.

Morbid Thoughts.
Depression turns your mind to depressing things and people often start thinking, for no reason, that they may have a serious illness. They begin to worry about every little thing, and become very pessimistic.

Another typical symptom is guilt. Depressed people sometimes have an overwhelming belief that they are guilty of terrible crimes, even if the "so called" crimes would seem very minor to other people.

Allied to the feeling of guilt are feelings of unworthiness. They may feel that they are unworthy of any sympathy or help in their predicament, and many depressed people tend to lose their self-respect.

About Depression

Physical Symptoms of Depression

The similarity between anxiety and depression is that they are both, in some ways, essential parts of being human. Life is full of stresses and that means it can also be full of disappointments and unresolved problems... more

  • a loss of appetite
  • sleep disturbances, such as restless spells and waking up very early in the morning ... more
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