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Physical Symptoms of Depression

The physical symptoms of depression include:

  • a loss of appetite

  • sleep disturbances, such as restless spells and waking up very early in the morning

  • a general slowing down (actions like walking and talking may feel slow and difficult)

  • constipation (the slowing down may affect parts of the body which are under the subconscious control of the mind, line the intestine)

  • loss of sex drive (both men and women can go off sex when they are depressed, and this can increase their feelings of depression and inadequacy)

  • headaches, backaches and pains in the face and neck.

Life itself is the ultimate cause of emotional problems - being alive, having relationships, having to work and strive, bringing up children, growing old, retiring and contemplating death - all of these things can provoke anxiety and depression. When not controlled, their effects can set up a vicious circle and this can then become unnecessarily severe. When your worries about these real life events become too great you feel swamped, and this can set up a cycle which can become so severe that it overwhelms your ability to cope, with the result that anxiety / depression can set in.

Fortunately, suffering with depression is something which can be reversed, or even prevented, given time and a willingness to make a personal commitment to recovery.

About Depression

Depression Symptoms

The similarity between anxiety and depression is that they are both, in some ways, essential parts of being human. Life is full of stresses and that means it can also be full of disappointments and unresolved problems... more

  • The commonest and most obvious symptom of depression is sadness. This melancholy is likely to be persistent with a tendency to cry more often, at the slightest upset, or even without an upset at all... more
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