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Self Help Archive

The Wallsend Self Help Group has created an archive of pages from previous versions of its website which relate to the meetings which we used to hold on a weekly basis each Wednesday in Wallsend, Tyne and Wear.

Please note - the Wallsend Self Help Group no longer holds meetings. It also no longer accepts any correspondence.

Thsee pages are provided for information only.

Archived Information

Use the following links to explore our Archived pages.

Meetings Programme of Meetings Typical Discussion Topics
Aims and Objectives Our Self Help Products Contact Address

Archived Latest News

Use the following links to explore the Archived News.

Select a year to view : Archived News from 2002 Archived News from 2003
Archived News from 2004 Archived News from 2005 Archived News from 2006
Archived News from 2007 Archived News from 2008 No archives have been created since 2008

Archived Guestbook

Use the following links to explore our Archived Guestbook wich closed in October 2003. (Most recent entries on page 1)

Guestbook archive page 1 Guestbook archive page 2 Guestbook archive page 3
Guestbook archive page 4 Guestbook archive page 5 Guestbook archive page 6

Please note, we cannot be held responsible for the content of any site to which we link, either via our links page, Guestbook or elsewhere on our site.

For your information: If an item/product/service/web site/group/etc. appears as an entry within the six pages of the Guest Book Archive, it is not being recommended by the Wallsend Self Help Group. We cannot accept responsibility for any item, product, service, web site, group, etc., that was suggested within the Guest Book Archive by our site visitors. Use of such items, products, services, web sites, groups, etc. as mentioned in the Guest Book Archive is ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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