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heart1 Methods of Self-Help
- The Power within you
  heart1 Assertiveness
(How to be assertive without being aggressive)
heart1 Information as Ammunition   heart1 The Importance of Relaxation
heart1 Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem
- Learning to Love yourself.
  heart1 Your Personality:
You can't change this - but you can change your behaviour
heart1 Positive and Negative Attitudes   heart1 Struggling the Wrong Way
heart1 Self-Nourishment
(The importance of what you eat and drink)
  heart1 Cues and Triggers:
(What triggers off your attacks?)
heart1 Coping Techniques   heart1 Nervous Fatigue
heart1 Bereavement and Grief, Sorrow, Guilt or Disgrace   heart1 Self-Defeating Attitudes
- Negative Self-Talk.
heart1 Positive Emotions
- Love, Kindness, Trust, Openness, Caring, Compassion etc
  heart1 Defeating Hopelessness, Anger, Frustration, Jealousy etc
heart1 The Exercise Dilemma:
(Recognising the difference between 'normal' sensations during exercise and those which accompany nervousness and panic)
  heart1 Creative Visualisation (Using your imagination as an ally instead of always using it to defeat you).
heart1 Changing your Life-Style   heart1 How You Relate to Other People
heart1 Hyperventilation, and the Importance of Using Correct Breathing Techniques   heart1 Coming Through Setbacks, and the Necessity to 'Learn' From Them
heart1 Letting Go of the Past   heart1 The Will to Change
heart1 Worry
(Recognising the difference between 'useful' and 'useless' worry)
  heart1 Talking Your Way Out of Fearful Situations
(Never underestimate the benefit of self-talk).
heart1 The Necessity to Look For New Ways to Cope With Your Problems
- not doing 'more of the same' when this is proving to be ineffective
  heart1 The Way Forward
- Incentive, Motivation, Courage, Setting yourself 'realistic' Goals and Targets to aim for. Keeping a 'diary of events'


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