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Thank you for visiting the Wallsend Self Help Group website.

The website of the Wallsend Self Help Group continues to provide free access to valuable information relating to Anxiety, Depression, OCD and many other stress related problems. The advice you'll find on this site has been written by former sufferers and, based on the feedback from those it has benefitted, it has been found to be effective in helping others to cope with their stress related problems. We hope you'll find it as useful.

If you require further information or advice, there are many alternative sources of information available.

Meanwhile, please note that our shop is now closed. Although we have no longer have an affiliation with them, you can still visit, where you'll find books on Anxiety, Depression, OCD and a whole lot more.

Finally, the Wallsend Self Help Group produced a number of products over the years, including a book which was very well received, entitled: "Breaking Free From The Anxiety Trap". Unfortunately, these items are no longer available direct from this site.

History of the Wallsend Self Help Group

The Wallsend Self Help Group was established as a non-profit making organisation by Terri Conley in May 1984, to help those suffering with Anxiety, Depression, OCD, and many other phobia and stress related problems. Since the initial meeting, which attracted over 50 people in response to a single advert in a local newspaper , many hundreds of ordinary individuals attended our informal volunteer run meetings, seeking advice from ourselves and support from fellow sufferers with similar problems.

Their efforts in offering free support and advice were recognised by many individuals and organisations, which included the welcome patronship of His Grace The Duke of Northumberland.

The reassurance it offered to those attending their meetings that they were not the first person to experience the problems facing them, and that they were not alone in attempting to overcome them, was often enough to give them the strength to carry on. The advice and support which the group has given since its inception has helped innumerable sufferers to regain control of their lives.

Wallsend Self Help Group. 1984 - 2008.

Wallsend Self Help Group Founder / Co-ordinator: Mrs T. Conley.
Patron: His Grace The Duke of Northumberland.

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