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Guestbook Archive 2

Welcome to the Guest Book Archive. This section has come about following the closure of our original Guest Book on 15 October, 2003. In this archive, you will find a copy of every message left by visitors to our site, prior to the closure of the original Guest Book.

We hope you find the information contained here in this archive useful.

Please Note: The information on these pages are included on this site for historical reference only.

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Name: Carol
Country: Wallsend Date: Tue Apr 29 16:28:36 2003
Comment: For those people living in an around Wallsend, there is soon to be a New Healthy Living Centre opening in Battle Hill Community Centre which will offer a free community gym, and hopefully aromatherapy, shiatsu and other health related programmes. Watch local press for further details.

Name: Terri Conley (Homepage)
Country: Wallsend (WSHG) Date: Sun Apr 27 16:24:32 2003
Comment: If you know of any groups offering self help in the UK (or elsewhwre in the world) let us know and we'll try to add a link to their site on our pages - thank you all for visting our web site.

Terri Conley, founder, Wallsend Self Help Group.

Name: Malcolm Furneaux
Country: England Date: Sat Apr 26 20:33:40 2003
Comment: Dear Wallsend,

Great to see this site in England - do you know of any such organisations/groups as yours in the London area. I've been a GAD sufferer for 30 years plus and only came to a diagnosis when I saw the Guardian article on the subject some months ago. Keep up the good work - Malcolm Furneaux

Name: Yvette
Country: Calais, France Date: Mon Apr 14 13:26:00 2003
Comment: I have seen your site and found it very good. I wish I had a way to be at your group to help my depression go away. It is good people care about we who suffer.

Name: Terri Conley - WSHG founder (Homepage)
Country: Wallsend, UK (WSHG) Date: Thu Mar 6 09:33:45 2003
Comment: In response to the previous message, I'm unaware of any groups such as ours running in the North West. If anyone knows of any other groups in the UK, please let us know, and we may add a link to them on our site. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope it has been helpful to you in some way. T. Conley.

Name: Cathy
Country: UK Date: Wed Feb 26 18:12:42 2003
Comment: Hi,
I'm looking forward to reading the self help book on offer. Your website is really informative and encouraging and helps people like me who have suffered anxiety on and off for years. It's a pity that I don't live near enough to join your group.
Best Wishes.

Name: Betty N
Country: Barnsley Date: Sun Feb 23 11:35:42 2003
Comment: I've suffered for years with Anxiety and Depression problems with little support. Then My son bought me a computer and showed me how to surf the internet. That's how I found your site and I want to thank you all for providing me with more and better information than I've had in 15 years of suffering. Thank you very much, you don't know how much it means to find such reassuring advice.

Name: John
Country: Northumberland Date: Thu Jan 2 14:51:15 2003
Comment: I've had a much less stressfull Christmas and New Year thanks to the info on your site. Thanks for the advice - It's good to know someone out there still cares.

I wish you all have a peaceful 2003.

Name: Pete
Country: uk Date: Wed Nov 13 11:23:28 2002
Comment: ive been seriuosly depressed for some time now and find it hard to go the doctors as i think he'll think im mad. All my life consists of is myself, ive isolated myself off from friends and family and fell into a deep hole which i feel i cant get out of. After reading the self help ive decided to try and get better, and maybe even join the group which i feel i need, thanx for all the help, yours, Pete.

Guest Book Archive Page:
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