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Guestbook Archive 3

Welcome to the Guest Book Archive. This section has come about following the closure of our original Guest Book on 15 October, 2003. In this archive, you will find a copy of every message left by visitors to our site, prior to the closure of the original Guest Book.

We hope you find the information contained here in this archive useful.

Please Note: The information on these pages are included on this site for historical reference only.

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Name: mary
Country: Lincoln Date: Tue Oct 15 20:53:14 2002
Comment: graet site - useful info

Country: LAGOS, NAIJA Date: Sat Oct 5 16:36:11 2002

Name: will
Country: UK Date: Mon Sep 30 11:50:18 2002
Comment: I have an anxiety problem and it's making me very scared of all sorts of things I never used to be afraid of. I get panic attacks whenevre I have to do new things, and it's frightening me. The info on your site has been helpful in making me realise I'm not going mad, but I wish I lived nearer to your group so I could get support from it.

Name: Dianne
Country: uk Date: Mon Sep 16 02:09:07 2002
Comment: i have been a member of the group for a few years it has been a life saver,the support terri gives you is invaluable.I would lke to say a big thankyou to terri,flo,joan,lillian and dick without their help many of us would have suffered even more than we have keep up the good work it is appreciated

Name: Dave
Country: London, UK Date: Sat Sep 14 11:20:22 2002
Comment: I read the symptoms of OCD and believe me thats me. It is good to know that there are others who are out there, I tried to get help 10 weeks ago from my Dr and they just keep passing the buck. I am tempted to speak to someone like the people at this group and get a normal life. Also I have I think I.B.S. and I think its linked to the OCD. One last thing I watched those two BBC1 programmes last month and they struck a cord with me, not all the cases but some certainly. I wish all people the best

Name: Garry
Country: Queensland Date: Mon Aug 26 12:21:42 2002
Comment: Sarah, I used to use alcohol to try to cope with my OCD and I was sure it was helping, but it wasn't. I ended up being drunk most of every day just to try to cope, and in the end I drove away those who actually cared about me. I eventually came to my senses and got some help to quit drinking, then cope with the OCD... It's not easy, but alcohol and drugs only made the problem worse. I hope you can come through it without them.

Name: Sarah
Country: uk Date: Fri Aug 16 19:31:25 2002
Comment: my husband has been diagnosed ocd and prescribed paroxetine since sep 01. he's not too good at taking them. he prefer's mood alterants such as cannabis &alcohol. Anyone know of any research publications about the effects of these and ocd. I'm getting at my wits end

Name: Elizabeth
Country: UK Date: Tue Aug 13 18:31:24 2002
Comment: I'm a UK-based journalist writing a feature about OCD among under-8s for a top UK parenting magazine. Please e-mail me if your child suffers from OCD and you would be prepared to talk about how you recognised the disorder/ how it has affected your family/ what treatment you have tried. All responses will be treated sensitively and in the strictest confidence. I feel that a lot of people don't know how common OCD is and it would be good to raise awareness and understanding among parents.

Name: Derek
Country: wales Date: Tue Jul 23 08:53:50 2002
Comment: Terri, this is your old friend Derek!Hope you ar well .I belong to an american anxiety group and we have been talking re books on anxiety,I informed the group that your book is the best all round book I have read and they have asked me to post extracts on their forum, is this ok with you?Also if you were to post your book to members in USA how much would it cost? Take care Derek xx

Name: susankay
Country: england Date: Mon Jul 22 20:41:04 2002
Comment: dear terri iused to be a member 9 years ago i got better but have now got pannic attacks back badly can not even go to doctors to see about it

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