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Guestbook Archive 5

Welcome to the Guest Book Archive. This section has come about following the closure of our original Guest Book on 15 October, 2003. In this archive, you will find a copy of every message left by visitors to our site, prior to the closure of the original Guest Book.

We hope you find the information contained here in this archive useful.

Please Note: The information on these pages are included on this site for historical reference only.

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Name: Chrissy
Country: United States Date: Wed Apr 3 17:22:29 2002
Comment: I've been suffering from anxiety for a few years now and I've never been diagnosed and never have gotten medication for it. But with these self-help sites out now, it has really helped me a lot. If anyone just needs someone to talk to about anything, please don't hesitate to email me.

Name: Terri (Homepage)
Country: Wallsend (WSHG) Date: Tue Mar 26 12:39:35 2002
Comment: Thank you all for your comments on our site.

Please keep them coming. If you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear them.

Name: Geeta
Country: Leicester Date: Fri Mar 22 11:11:01 2002
Comment: Your web site has been very helpful to me. The information has provided me with an insight into what my daughter is going through. Thank you so much.

Name: Abby
Country: Brighton Date: Fri Mar 15 10:50:28 2002
Comment: I went to my doc to get help - I couldn't think straight even though I knew where I wanted to be: I just couldn't get there for the fear. I told him the problem and he sent me to a councellor who was only interested in helping find a solution to the problem. I already know the solution, I just cannot implement it because of the fears - I needed cognitive therapy to help me think straight. What a waste of time and money sending me to the wrong kind of help... No wonder there's no money for what we really need.

Anyway, your site was a good place to look - the links were helpful and the advice was spot on. I hope other's get as much from it as I have. Maybe I should give my doctor your web adress...

Name: Deb
Country: Hertfordshire Date: Wed Mar 6 23:42:03 2002
Comment: I came across this whilst searching for info. for my beginners counselling course, this was so intersting I just had to read it all. I may well purchase the book too.
Keep up the good work !

Name: Andrea
Country: county durham Date: Sat Mar 2 17:33:49 2002
Comment: dear all
just found your web page, very interesting, hope to have one for the chester-le-st group soon.

keep up the good work

love andrea & kathleen

Name: melanie L
Country: Darlington Date: Sat Mar 2 09:34:11 2002
Comment: I like the site, it's helped me find so much information my own doctor didn't tell me.

I think Martin should stop worrying about what other people think at do what he thinks is right. You cannot live your life for other people. I learned that the hard way. Learn to value yourself and other people will value you too.

Hope it works out for you.

Name: Martin
Country: UK Date: Thu Feb 21 08:31:17 2002
Comment: I have just emotionally hurt a valuable friend because of my anxiety fears. I keep doing it, and soon I won't have any friends left. It's a behaviour I keep repeating and I can't stop it but I don't know why. Can anyone suggest something I could do?

I'll keep looking here to see if there are any suggestions.

Name: Charlotte Williams
Country: England Date: Mon Feb 18 11:45:25 2002
Comment: Hiya,

I found your website last year and ordered your book. I want to thankyou it has worked wonders there is light at the end of the tunnel. I'm back looking at your site today for a friend I'm sending him your site address because it helped me so much.

Thankyou Charlotte xxx

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