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Archived News from 2004


Please Note:All meetings referred to in Archived News articles have now ended and the Wallsend Self Help Group are no longer holding any meetings or responding to any correspondence. Our Amazon shop is now also closed. The information on this page was correct in 2002 and is included on the site for historical reference only.

Dec, 2004. We at the Wallsend Self Help Group would like to wish everyone who has attended our meetings or visited our web site during 2004 a very peaceful Christmas and a happy, positive New Year.

July, 2004. We've published our new Programme of Meetings for the period 4th August to 14th December. In these sessions, we'll discuss a wide range of topics which we're sure will be invaluable for sufferers, their friends or relatives wanting to find out more about coping with the problems which they may experience because of anxiety, depression, OCD, etc.

May, 2004. We would like to thank everyone who sent us cards and letters of good wishes to celebrate the Wallsend Self Help Group's 20th Anniversary which took place on 1st May, 2004. Thank you all vey much. We were touched by your kindess.

Jan, 2004. The new Programme of Meetings covering the period from 14th January to 30th June, 2004 is now on-line.

2004 is an important year for the Wallsend Self Help Group because it sees us celebrating our 20th Anniversary. Our anniversary is on 1st May, 2004.

Jan, 2004. The Wallsend Self Help Group wishes ALL of our web site visitors A Happy, Stress-free New Year.

Our new season of fortnightly group meetings begin again on Wednesday 14th January 2004, and a new Programme of Meetings will be online as soon as possible, so keep checking back for details.

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For your information:
Wallsend Self Help Group Founder / Co-ordinator: Mrs T. Conley.
Patron: His Grace The Duke of Northumberland.


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