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Archived News from 2007


Please Note:All meetings referred to in Archived News articles have now ended and the Wallsend Self Help Group are no longer holding any meetings or responding to any correspondence. Our Amazon shop is now also closed. The information on this page was correct in 2002 and is included on the site for historical reference only.

December, 2007. The Wallsend Self Help Group wishes all our visitors a stress free festive season and a peaceful New Year.

Christmas and New Year can be a difficult time for those who suffer with anxiety, depression or other stress related problems. Their friends and families can also experience worry and concern for those around them during the festive season. As the year draws to a close and we start to wonder what the new year might hold, it's a good time to take stock of our achevements during 2007 and to think of what we would like to happen in 2008 and beyond, and of how we might attain the goals we set ourslves.

With the future in mind, we would like to suggest that if you, or someone you care for, suffers with Anxiety, Depression, O.C.D. or any other health related problems, you could take the first step on the road to recovery by seeking information and advice from those around you. If you would like to find other useful information, you may like to visit our online store (which is run in association with where we are sure you will find all manner of books, CD's and DVD's which could offer essential advice relevant to your circumstances.

Remember, when you shop at our WSHG online store, you're not limited to only searching for helpful books, etc. You can buy Toys, iPod's, Digital TV's, Footware, Music, Watches, Movies, Bikes, Cameras, Computers, Software, Books of all types and even Toasters! You can buy all manner of products too numerous to mention via our online store, and have it all delivered direct to your door. And if you're shopping for someone else and can't decide what to buy, why not order an Amazon Gift Voucher and let them choose for themselves. It couldn't be easier to shop at the WSHG / online store this Christmas! Click here to open the store.

We also have our own exclusive range of self-help products which have been produced by ex-sufferer's, which we believe can be of immesurable help in the battle to recovery... but don't just take or word for it: read the reviews!

The WSHG range of products are available directly from ourselves - click here for details of our exclusive products.

Here's to a brighter, more positive, hope-filled 2008!

September, 2007. The summer's comming to an end and the night's are closing in once again. It's at this time of the year that we start to look ahead, often with trepidation, to the dark nights and the forthcoming social season that Christmas brings. The dark nights fill some of us with feelings of depression, while the prospect of another round of Christmas shopping fills others with dread... but it need not be like that.

The advice contained in these pages, and the range of information available from our publications, or from those available at our online shop may just have the answer. In fact, while you're there looking for the gem of a book that will help guide you through your own problems, you can also organise your Christmas shopping without the need to struggle through the crowded shops. You can browse at your leisure, order with confidence from Amazon and have it all delivered to your door. What could be easier?

May, 2007. The Wallsend Self Help Group website receives an updated look.

Although we are no longer holding our fortnightly meetings, we are still commited to helping those who suffer with Anxiety, Depression, O.C.D. and other stress related problems. As part of this commitment, we launched an online store in association with which has allowed our site visitors to search for and buy all manner of products. This service is in addition to the books and CD which we have produced and that we believe can be of help in the battle to recovery. These books are available directly from ourselves - click here for details.

If you would like to visit our online store, Click HERE (opens in new window) - We've chosen a selection of books you may find very beneficial (although you can search the site for your own choice of books, CD's, DVD's and and much more!), and don't forget you can still obtain our own publications direct from us by clicking here.

Why not visit our online store and see what you can find: We're sure you will find it extremely useful! The online store will open in a new window so you won't lose contact with our site during your visit to

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