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Archived News from 2008


Please Note:All meetings referred to in Archived News articles have now ended and the Wallsend Self Help Group are no longer holding any meetings or responding to any correspondence. Our Amazon shop is now also closed. The information on this page was correct in 2002 and is included on the site for historical reference only.

October, 2008. As we approach the festive season, many of us begin to look at the forthcoming round of parties and the ever more crowded shops with increasing trepidation. Christmas, with its never-ending socialising and family gatherings, can be tough for those who find such situations fearful. The enjoyment which other people seem to get from it all often passes us by. But it need not be like that.

Set yourself realistic goals. Try to be open to suggestions and be willing to at least consider getting involved. Because every success counts, make sure you give yourself credit for even the smallest achievement because the only way to make any progress is to try! So, don't miss the opportunity to gain ground on your problems by dismissing every chance to do. Remember, recovery involves change and the first step to recovery means changing the way you think.

Reading how others have made those changes can help: this website contains many helpful free items of advice to help you find new ways to cope with the problems of Anxiety, depression, OCD and other stress related problems. Books, such as those found on the website, or those published by WSHG, can be very useful, too.

To help you find the right information for you, we provide a link to our shop where you will have access a huge range of self-help books, as well as DVD's, CD's, electrical products, toys and every other product Amazon has for sale, You can even buy Gift vouchers which you can use yourself or give as Christmas presents.

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June 09 , 2008. Discount offer closed. If you have already ordered, your payment will either be honoured (stock permitting), or returned to you.

PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer accepting any correspondence.

Our PO box is now closed and any mail you send to our old address will not be delivered to the Wallsend Self Help Group. Your mail may be returned to you by the postal service, but it will not be delivered to us. Our only presence is now the web site you are currently visiting and our shop which continue to function as before and are provided for your convenience (Please Note: Any purchases you make via our shop are handled directly via, and your goods, deliveries and payments are dealt with directly by

The Wallsend Self Help Group DO NOT have an email address. Some referral sites do list an old email address for us, but it is not in use. Any emails sent to us at the email address they give WILL NOT BE ANSWERED because the account is closed and will not be re-opened.

If you see any web site which lists any contact details for the Wallsend Self Help Group (i.e. email address, postal address, contact phone number) please notify the site owner that these are no longer valid so that they can update their site.

We apologise for any inconvenience

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January, 2008. Happy New Year to all our site visitors!

As we face the new year and the challenges that lie ahead, we mustn't forget the need to be kind to ourselves: Everytime you experience something that you found difficult, try to remember that, whatever the outcome, you tried!

When we face our fears - to try and deal with them is all that anyone can ask of us. Break each task into small steps and aim to achieve small goals at first. In this way, the big picture won't seem so threatening. The biggest step we all face in everything we do is to make the first step.

Make 2008 the year to make the step. And as you do, take time to reassure and reward yourself for all of your achievements, and always try to remember the positive in all that you do.

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Wallsend Self Help Group Founder / Co-ordinator: Mrs T. Conley.
Patron: His Grace The Duke of Northumberland.


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