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Poem: If Only I Was Perfect!

(Author Unknown)


If only I was perfect
Like the women on T.V.
But I'm not the shiny, silky one
Dull, lifeless hair, that's me.

And my white's were never white enough
And my children fight and scream
And I wander through life's minefield
Like a zombie in a dream.

And they never notice what Icook
Or if they do, they moan
And we live our lives quite separately
Together, but alone.

Not like the happy children
That bubble on my screen
Who always rush to Mummy
To tell her what they've seen.

Nor like the rugged husband
With the soft and kindly face
Who'll kiss away the raging day
'Till the pains gone without trace.

It makes me feel inadequate
To watch the perfect wife
Stand serenely in her kitchen
And orchestrate her life.

While her family cluster round her
And flash their flouride teeth
And dazzle with their pure white shirts
And pure white souls beneath.

I dread the glint of morning
Of each new demanding day
And no tablets fizzing in my glass
Can dissolve the hurt away.

As each day follows yesterday
In a never-ending chain
It seems each day I've tried and failed
Just to try, and fail, again.

'Till the failures cease to matter
And I just forget to try
And I build a wall around me
And no-one knows quite why.

And no-one understands that
If they think of it at all
I am waiting here for someone
To care enough to scale the wall.


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