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Quiz On Self-Protection

(Author Unknown)


Am I Protecting Myself?

Indicate which of the statements in each section below is appropriate to you.

If you score all "A's", then you are giving yourself the very best self-protection against the effects of stress.

The more "B's" you score, the lower is your level of self-protection, and the more open you are to increased stress levels, and the harder it'll be for you to deal with any stresses you experience.

If you score all "B's", you may need to look at your lifestyle and consider making changes because you are not self-protecting yourself against stress and dealing with any stresses mayl be very difficult.

Remember: This quiz is just a guide, and is in no way a scientific or foolproof method of diagnosing stress - it is no more than an indicator of what could be happening.

A   B Your Answer


Do I eat the right food?

HIGH in fibre
LOW in fat
EASY on salt & sugar
PLENTY of salads, fruit and vegetagles
or Do I eat mainly junk food?

LOW in fibre
HIGH in fat
HIGH on salt & sugar
MAINLY processed, packaged & canned foods


Do I get enough sleep? or Do I have lots of late nights, never giving myself a chance to catch up?  


Do I get enough exercise through activities like running, jogging, swimming, cycling, dancing or exercise for at least 20 minutes three times a week? or Do I lack regular exercise and tire easily when I try to do these things?  


Do I practice some sort of relaxation of body & mind, listening to quiet, soft music, reading, spending time on my appearance or on a hobby or special interest? or Do I never have time on my own to unwind?  


Do I have friends with whom I can share my problems? or Do I mostly try to cope on my own?  


Do I have a list of places where could get further help?  




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