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Quiz On Stress

(Author Unknown)


How Stressed Am I?

Indicate whether the statements below are appropriate to you.

If more than three apply to you, you need to look at the stresses in your life and how you are dealing with them.

If you say "don't know" to more than six, you are probably not aware enough of yourself or your stress levels.

If you say "no" to nearly al the statements, be grateful! Life's stresses aren't getting to you yet. Try to build on the positive things you already do.

Remember: This quiz is just a guide, and is in no way a scientific or foolproof method of diagnosing stress - it is no more than an indicator of what could be happening.

My Body

Yes No Don't Know

I often lose my appetite.


I often feel a bit sick after eating.


I feel more tired than is reasonable.


I sleep more than is reasonable.


I find it hard to get to sleep or wake in the night and cannot get back to sleep.


I bite my nails, scratch my head, tap my feet or fingers or have some other nervous habit.


I often feel like crying for no reason.


I cannot sit still for long.


I get unexplained headaches.


I sometimes sweat for no reason.


I get dizzy spells.


I clench my fists for no reason.


I frown for no reason.


I smoke to help me relax.


I drink to help me relax or cope with difficult situations.




This quiz is only a guide and should not be taken as a definitive answer of your personal circumstances or of absolute proof that you are experiencing raised levels of stresses. If you are unsure, please seek additional guidance from your doctor.


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