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We Frighten Ourselves By What We Think

Author: Kathleen Savory
(Founder / Co-ordinator Chester-le-Street Self Help Group)


What we think affects the way we feel. Our bodies react to our thoughts. When you think of something funny, you smile or laugh. When you think of something sad, tears come to your eyes. When we are daydreaming of something pleasant, your body becomes calm and relaxed, but when fearful thoughts come into our minds, our bodies go on the alert. Almost instantly, you're ready for action; your heart beats faster, breathing becomes more rapid, and we feel tense, lightheaded, dizzy, or faint.

What may have began as a single momentary thought can affect your mood instantaneously. It is said that your reaction to a thought occurs within 0.008th of a second. And if it's a negative thought, you're well on your way to a full scale panic attack before you know it.

So, take notice of your thoughts. Can you see how fearful, unhappy thoughts are negative and bring you down or make you anxious while happy, pleasant thoughts are positive and lift you up or calm you down.

Your thoughts are more powerful than you imaging, so become aware of the way you think.

Remember, every thought causes a physical reaction - so practice the daydreaming more often and hang on to those positive thoughts.

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